Privacy Policy

Using the Software expect your EMail as Username to identify you properly. During the sign in Process one Mail from Microsoft is send to this address.

If you use a different login provider you may distribute more data to the provider. We didn't ask for more data nor we will use provided data. You can prevent this when you use the standard login provider.

Your Username will be stored in a Azure Active Directory. Microsoft's Data Privcy Guideline is here.

The Financial transaction will be done by PayPal, there Privacy Statement is here.

You can delete your account at every time, if you have credits they will be lost.

Your access token and organization name from Azure DevOps will only stored on your local computer. We tansport this data only without storing them.

If you need a full bill with Company Name, Adresses and so on please fill out the additional fields. They will be used only for billing purposes. The Software is usable without the information. You will get a bill directly to your mail address.

A further usage of this address will not happen.